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About us

Comfortable is what comes to mind every time someone say’s false eyelashes! That’s why we decided to launch our top of the range mink lashes giving you that soft, light and comfortable feeling.
Based in London, Shanara has always been a makeup junkie! Looking good meant feeling good, which brings us on to the next point. Being a professional makeup artist she comes in to contact with false eyelashes on a daily basis! It was almost impossible to avoid them, this is where her love for lashes came about. The only issue she encountered was the fact that she was always looking for a specific pair of eyelashes making sure they were mink and high quality but the sad reality was it was easier said than found!
During the early hours of a Sunday, we had a eureka moment and it struck us like lightning! Why not custom make and create our own lashes to our own pin point specifications using the highest quality of material we could get our hands on! So we did exactly this and EVERY single person we showed, loved them! Now everyone wants a piece of the cake! So here we are now, launching our very own brand of eyelashes purely from the passion and love we have for false eyelashes!
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