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Are deposit payments refundable?

Do you charge travel cost?

How is deposit payment made?


Can I book my hairstylist at the same time as my makeup artist?

Can I book Party Makeup if it is my Engagement/ Mendhi/ Bridal/ Nikkah?

Can I have a discount?

Do you take on international bookings?

Do you travel out of London for bookings?

How far in advance can I book?

What is the easiest way to book you?

Where are you located?

Why are you so expensive?

Why are you taking so long to get back to my email?

Why should I book Shanara for my big day?

How do I secure my booking?

Will you cancel my booking?

Where are you located?

Does Shanara do hair, jewellery settings or any settings?

Do you travel out to West London for bookings?